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Pastoral Care

Strong pastoral care underpins everything we do at Parkside, knowing that a happy and confident child will flourish and achieve great things. We believe that a child’s wellbeing is paramount and therefore, foster a truly strong partnership between parents, pupils and staff; as one Parkside Family.

Pastoral care is woven into the fabric of every subject and activity; with all pupils understanding and modelling the responsibilities of looking after one another; celebrating and sharing in each other’s successes, and more importantly, helping each other get there. This forms a key part of encouraging relationships built on trust, kindness and respect.

"The nearest thing to Swallows and Amazons within throwing distance of the M25, Parkside has a generosity of spirit and enjoyment of all that can be done which is uplifting"

The Good Schools Guide 2021

A good moral compass guides our pupils to become the best version of themselves they can be. We believe that instilling the importance of morals and values through our Form and House systems, under the guidance and support of Form teachers and Heads of Years, allows all pupils to feel uniquely valued, both as an individual and as part of the Parkside Family.

We value and encourage our pupils’ voices and as such, provide opportunities to contribute to the tapestry of decision making within the school – which ultimately, they benefit from. With active and over-subscribed committees including School Council, Eco Committee and Food Committee, pupils from Years 1 – 8 work together to effectively drive change; led by the pupils, for the pupils.

A positive approach to behaviour management, led by our Discipline Lead, ensures the pupils are encouraged to reflect on the causes and effects of good and bad decision making. Teaching the pupils to take responsibility for their decisions or actions is an integral part of how we shape the boys as they progress through the school; resulting in well-mannered, respectful and chivalrous young gentlemen we are all proud of.

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