Core Learning Crew

The Parkside curriculum and all lessons are planned and taught around the Parkside Core Learning Skills. These skills are at the heart of everything we do and create boys who are well rounded passionate learners.

To illustrate this and to help the boys interpret these Core Learning Skills, we have created the Core Learning Crew:

The Parkside Core Learning Crew:
 The core Learning Crew

Parkside's Core Learning Crew - Find out more

Thinking theo Thinking Theo Theo thinks carefully and deeply about what he is learning. 
Reviewing rufus Reviewing Rufus Rufus looks back at his work to check for mistakes and make it better.
Communicating charlie Communicating Charlie Charlie learns by speaking to others, listening well and sharing his ideas.
Collaborating caleb Collaborating Caleb Caleb works really well in groups, pairs and with other people.
Independent ivor Independent Ivor Ivor can learn without needing support or help from other people.
Persevering pete Persevering Pete Pete always tries his best, even when he finds things difficult.


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