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Pre Prep & Prep Curriculum Overview

We take great pride in the quality of every lesson we teach. We know that pupils learn best when they are inspired, happy and challenged, so our teachers deliver this every single day through a range of varied and engaging lessons.

With a 'picnic style' approach to planning and teaching, there is a real sense of tangible energy in every classroom; and it is not unusual to hear a cacophony across classrooms of “Is that the end of the lesson already?” A varied range of resources, open and closed tasks, timed and untimed, and a wealth of practical activities embed and cement their learning. The pupils really do benefit from a learning environment where they are stimulated, stretched and inspired.

Our curriculum is fresh and exciting, focusing on 'skills' rather than 'knowledge' at its heart. Each subject has its own set of key subject skills, which our pupils develop throughout their time as they progress through the School. They are the foundations for their development, and when mastered, become their toolkit for future learning and life beyond education. Starting this process at the very early stages of the Early Years curriculum allows the children the time to learn and apply these skills with success.

Parkside boys leave at the end of Year 8 with a lifelong love of learning, fully prepared for and embracing the challenges of life; knowing that having the courage and confidence to pursue new opportunities and new learning will enrich their experiences and will lead to great things.

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Pre Prep Core Learning Crew

Pre Prep


Prep Core Learning Skills

In Prep, the Core Learning Crew develops into a more formal set of standards. Demonstration of these Core Learning Skills are celebrated in a variety of ways. There has even been an awards ceremony awarding boys for the best practice in each area.


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