House System

House System

Parkside's House system not only provides a source of healthy competition, but also a sense of brotherhood and belonging.

Pastorally, the House system encourages and reinforces friendships across the year groups as well as presenting positive role models for the younger boys in the School. It offers various opportunities to excel individually and as part of a team.

There are four Houses at Parkside: Blue, Rose, Green and Purple, who are awarded points for a variety of achievements. We recognise the importance of celebrating all successes (not just the academic and sporting ones). Therefore, a number of inter House competitions take place throughout the academic year. As well as maths challenges, poetry 'riff offs' and art competitions, there are singing and music events and awards for charitable efforts, cooking / baking, entrepreneurship and going above and beyond the usual requirements / expectations.

The House system is another tool which ensures that the pressure of academics do not become overwhelming and is an added element to the exceptional pastoral provision offered by the School. 

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