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Pre-test Programme

Following the success this year of the Year 6 Pre–test results, with boys’ numerous unconditional offers at a range of Senior Schools, interest has escalated for places in Year 5 for autumn term 2021. Parkside School’s Year 5 Pre-test Programme is a carefully planned and detailed programme for boys entering Year 5, to help prepare them for their Senior School Pre-test.

Parkside’s Pre-test Programme starts as early as the summer term of Year 4, where an individual learning profile is prepared. This ensures that, at the beginning of Year 5, assessments give crucial data analysis of each boys’ ability, their strengths, and weaknesses. The programme includes a Senior Schools fair, Pre-test information evening, one-to-one meetings with the Head, Nicole Janssen; who discusses your son’s progress and suggests senior schools choices. Extension and booster groups run throughout the year and into Year 6, running alongside exam preparation, culminating in mock interviews with members from a range of Senior Schools Leadership teams. Study skills workshops, techniques for memory retention and leadership days are all part of the programme, underpinning individually tailored and focussed prep for consolidation of key information and skills. Wellbeing workshops also run alongside the skills-based workshops to provide pastoral support for the boys and assist in managing stress levels. 

This year, Parkside are celebrating outstanding success with unconditional offers given to boys for Year 9 entry from Tonbridge, Charterhouse, Hampton, RGS and Epsom College just to name a few. Ongoing communication with families is kept open, honest and regular with a high percentage joining a Scholarship programme for their Senior School.

“I am always delighted to accept young men from Parkside as members of the RGS. I have been very impressed with the academic standards which are being achieved at the school but, more importantly, boys from Parkside are delightful additions to our community…”

Dr JM Cox, Headmaster, Royal Grammar School, Guildford – February 2021.

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Scholarships are available for Year 5 Autumn 2021. Please enquire by filling in the form below or e-mail or call 01932 862749.


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