The Art department at Parkside is a creative, colourful and dynamic space where the boys are able to expand their knowledge, develop new skills and explore and discover various styles of art.

All boys from Year 2 to Year 8 will be encouraged to express themselves through a huge variety of mediums and processes, regardless of their ability. At Parkside, every boy is an Artist surrounded by a plethora of inspiration, bursting to express themselves.

The boys work through projects, and each term brings an exciting new art form for each year group. The boys in Pre Prep will be sharpening their basic skills with pencil and brush control as well as experimenting with materials such as clay and charcoal, all whilst being exposed to historical and contemporary Artists; therefore expanding their knowledge of the creative world.

As the boys progress into the Prep School, they are greeted by a  myriad of different opportunities to express themselves. They study pottery, learning how to use the potter's wheels, and are taught about the process of firing and glazing using our kiln. Canvas and still life drawing complements creating mosaics, fabric and textile printing, costume design, photography – all experiences awakening a curiosity for the creative.
Each year a celebration of the boys’ artwork is displayed in the annual Art Exhibition during Arts Week.

Art Scholarship classes run throughout the year for all boys demonstrating a natural talent and passion in any area of art. The boys are guided and supported through the process of building a portfolio and exploring different artists; ensuring a good understanding of art history. A number of art scholarships are awarded each year for boys entering their senior schools.

The Art Studio is bright, colourful and engaging, and is designed to allow the boys the interactive space during lessons to be as creative as possible, whilst expressing themselves through the wonderful world of Art.


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