Food Tech

Food Tech

At Parkside, we are very proud of our Food Technology facilities, which were funded by the Friends of Parkside in 2019. 

Purpose-built, there are workstations, tall food benches and stools and all the up to date equipment for the boys to enjoy a fortnightly Food Tech lesson with their Form group. We work on a rotational basis with Forest School, so every boy from Year 3 to 8 is taught by a specialist Food Tech teacher once a fortnight.  

The boys begin their journey by focussing on learning all the key skills from holding and using knives, boiling the perfect egg, making a cup of tea to more complex tasks like cake-baking and designing, preparing and cooking a three course meal of choice. The boys are taught about the food groups, cost of ingredients and how to budget; as well as how and why we need to eat healthily for life.

We use a selection of sweet and savoury recipes so that pupils can cook both, and focus on a range of recipes, from baking home-made soda bread and bread rolls, to designing and making their own pizzas and fruit salads.

We often talk about the benefits of home-made treats instead of shop-bought treats, as we know the ingredients that have been used. Many of our lessons include how we can vary the basic recipe and use spices, flavourings and ingredients that the boys enjoy, to make each recipe personal.  We also learn about nutrients, the function of ingredients in recipes, sustainability and foods from around the world, including their origins and how they are grown.

Since the introduction of Food Technology to our curriculum, we have noticed the boys brimming with excitement and enthusiasm about the subject and many boys have tried out recipes that they have been taught in school, at home.  A highlight of this year was our own ‘Great Parkside Bake-off’, which was a huge success. You can genuinely hear, see and smell the buzz in our Food Technology room on a daily basis.


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