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We are passionate about languages at Parkside and want to ensure that every child has the opportunity to learn about French culture and develop the confidence and ability to understand, speak, write and absorb the French language.

A Parkside linguist will learn to communicate information about himself, his interests, family and friends, life at school; as well as becoming familiar with basic questions and language that would be useful for travelling to France. They will acquire language-learning skills to allow them to begin their senior school languages studies with confidence. Through our lessons, we reinforce other key school values by celebrating different cultures and languages and encouraging pupils to share their experiences.

As early as Nursery, Parkside pupils enjoy French songs, stories and rhymes. The focus on enjoying the language continues throughout the school, with a variety of games, role play and activities to introduce basic reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. As the boys continue through the school, they explore a variety of topics to build vocabulary, which, in time, allows them to communicate more creatively, confidently and independently in French. ICT is regularly used to support language learning in an engaging, exciting and interactive way.

The boys enjoy experiencing a French way of life from holding French Breakfasts and making crêpes, to watching French theatre productions and running language workshops. Magazines and films also expose them to a wide variety of language and promote discussion about the culture. In Year 7, they have the opportunity to visit France on a school residential trip, to put their language into practice and experience French culture first hand.

"(Parkside uses) other subject areas as learning opportunities, (for example) speaking French while showing boys how to cook crepes in the new food technology lab."

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