“Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers.” – Shakuntala Devi (popularly known as the human computer)

Maths is everywhere: from the ratio of milk to cereal for your breakfast; to comparing the weather forecast, to the contents of your wardrobe and selecting appropriate attire; or separating the story from the statistics in the news to garner your own meaning.

Here at Parkside, we aim to deliver the rigour of the Common Entrance curriculum whilst inspiring the boys to appreciate maths for the magic it can be. Alongside learning facts and processes, the boys are encouraged to investigate and discover key concepts and patterns. We believe it is equally as important to ask why as to understand how; enquiring minds look for solutions to problems and this is how we hope to equip the boys for building their respective futures.

“The future doesn’t just happen. We are building it, and we are building it all the time.” – Dr Hannah Fry (mathematician, UCL lecturer and TV presenter)

Over his time at Parkside, your son will develop confidence in understanding and applying concepts in: number, algebra, measurement, geometry and probability and statistics. In each area of study, boys conquer the foundations before re-visiting and expanding their breadth and depth of knowledge.

Furthermore, the boys will be given the opportunity to compete in internal and external mathematical competitions, both locally and nationally. This allows them to demonstrate their analytical and problem-solving prowess on a different stage, providing the more able with a chance to shine brightly and for boys of all abilities to prove to themselves that they can achieve in this incredible subject.

“Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater.” – Albert Einstein (mathematician, physicist, genius and legend)


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