Nursery Curriculum

Nursery Curriculum

Parkside Nursery is where your child's journey begins...


The Early Years Curriculum focuses on the 7 Areas of Learning:

Prime Areas – Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development and Communication and Language.

Specific Areas – Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and Design.

Through well planned learning opportunities, children’s individual progress is closely monitored across the Early Learning Goals using ILD (Interactive Learning Diary).

Imaginative play is at the heart of the Nursery; children have the opportunity to develop inquisitive minds and ask questions. Staff plan adult led activities both inside and outside the classroom and there is plenty of opportunity for child initiated learning. Each class has an ongoing theme, which changes regularly so children are always excited to learn.  

All children are allocated a Key Person who gives the security that helps them to grow in self-confidence. Your child’s Key Person is always available as a point of contact to discuss your child’s progress.

Social skills are nurtured and developed in each session notably by opportunities to learn through play, during snack time, eating lunch in the main dining hall alongside Pre Prep boys.

We encourage children to be kind, share, take turns and develop positive relationships with both adults and peers. Independence is encouraged by promoting self-help skills in preparation for their school life.

2-3 Year Olds

Children in this age group attend for a minimum of 2 morning sessions a week. The focus is primarily on the 3 Prime Areas of learning (above) and, after the 2-year check, all 7 Areas of Learning (above) are incorporated into the daily planning. There are weekly sessions in the gym and sport is taught by a specialist teacher. Children enjoy music and movement, developing their imagination through role play and drama, visiting the library and using the outdoor learning area and exploring the beautiful grounds of the School.

3-4 year olds

Children in this age group increase the minimum number of sessions each term in preparation for Reception.

Autumn Term     - minimum 3 mornings

Spring Term       - minimum 3 mornings and 1 day

Summer Term    - minimum 3 mornings and 2 days

Children in the Owls have weekly swimming, sport, gym, French, forest school and music lessons incorporated into the timetable. They regularly learn songs linked to topics, developing their imagination through role play and drama, visiting the library and using the outdoor learning area as well as exploring the school grounds.

The children have opportunities throughout the week where they can explore learning phonics and numbers through play and adult lead activities.

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