It is an exciting time for Science at Parkside this year as we are planning the development of a second very well-resourced, brand new laboratory for all of the pupils in the school to enjoy. 

We believe in creative Science teaching, where practical investigations are simply the foundation of a dynamic approach taken by our enthusiastic teachers. In addition to the curricular focus associated with senior school examinations and scholarship attainment, we understand the importance of diving into the challenging world of Science.

Our pupils’ love for Science begins in the Pre Prep where the children enjoy an abundance of hands on practicals linked to the world around them. The children are encouraged to question, investigate and analyse through their topic ‘Amazing Experiments’. Years 3 to 6 follow the National Curriculum and the Common Entrance 11+ syllabus. While the National Curriculum is a useful starting point, we adapt and enhance the programmes of study to ensure a laboratory full of inspired and challenged pupils. At the end of Year 6, the pupils enjoy a Summer term of project work, which provides an exciting foundation for Key Stage 3 Science. This enables them to acquire new skills and encourages an appreciation and understanding of the delicate relationship between evidence and theory. Pupils begin Year 7 fully prepared to welcome the demands of senior science. In Years 7 and 8, the boys are ready for Common Entrance 13+ examinations. 

Our curriculum is tailored to the needs of every pupil and we strive to make them independent and enthusiastic Scientists. We develop pupils’ factual understanding, their ability to analyse data, solve problems and develop their thinking skills to continually question how the Universe works. The link between the laboratory and the outside world is fully explored; underpinning the whole approach to Science teaching and learning at Parkside.

"We capture the imagination of our pupils and connect them with the world of Science" 

Mrs Conway - Head of Science

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