Fees & Bursaries

As at September 2020

Nursery Fees

Minimum Session Choices Per Term    
2-3-Year-Olds  Per Term £858    (2 mornings)
3-4-Year-Olds  Autumn Term   £1,254 (3 mornings)
3-4-Year-Olds Spring Term   £2,024 (3 mornings and 1 day)
3-4-Year-Olds Summer Term   £2,750 (3 mornings and 2 days)
Termly Fees    
  Morning   Day
1 Day  £440  £770
2 Days  £858 £1,496
3 Days   £1,254 £2,178
4 Days   £1,628 £2,816
5 Days     £1,980 £3,410


Nursery Incentive Scheme

When your child joins the Owls’ class, we offer an incentive scheme as outlined below. This scheme is a financial benefit that enables pupils to attend more sessions at the Nursery; whilst benefitting from a discount in the fees. This is arranged so that there will be a credit given to parents when children are signed up for five, seven and nine sessions.

This, therefore, results in a termly credit of:

  • £300 for five sessions
  • £500 for seven sessions
  • £700 for nine sessions

Boys who transition to the Reception classes and Pre Prep from Nursery will also benefit from an additional £1,000 credit on the autumn term fee once your son joins Reception.

Please note we do not participate in the Government Nursery Voucher scheme. However, we do accept Employers Childcare Vouchers.

School Fees  
  Per Term
Pre-Prep (Reception to Year 2) £4,157
Prep (Year 3 to Year 8) £5,703
Registration Fee (non-returnable) £100
Acceptance Deposit £800
  • The deposit is £800 for boys and girls. Deposits, when refundable, are credited against the pupils' final account only after the pupil leaves the School. The deposit for girls is not refundable, except for those staying to the end of the Summer Term in pre Reception. The deposit for boys is only refundable for boys who transition into Reception class. 
  • Fees are to be paid by the first day of every term or the first day he/she starts if not at the beginning of a term.  
  • A full term’s notice of the child leaving is required or a full term’s fees must be paid in lieu.


Bursaries are available following a means-tested application and are predominantly awarded from Year 3 for those with a household income of less than £40,000.  

If you would like more information on bursaries at Parkside School or to discuss your particular circumstances in complete confidence, please contact

John Taylor, Bursar

or call 01932 862749


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