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We are incredibly proud of each and every one of our Parkside's leavers.

They leave as well-rounded exceptional gentlemen with courage, confidence, and character. Once a Parkside boy, always a Parkside boy!

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Scholarships Awarded:


2020 2019 2018 2017

Academic Scholarships:

Tonbridge x1

RGS x2

Drama Scholarship:

Reed's x1

All-Rounder x 2 Eric Abbot Exhibition (Cricket)
Music x 2
Sports x 3
Academic x 3 All-Rounder

Sports x 2
Music All-Rounder
D&T     Drama



All-Rounder x 2
Academic x 2
Sports x 3

What Senior Schools say about Parkside boys:

Senior schools often comment on the calibre of pupil Parkside sends to them. Why not visit our testimonials page or take a look below to find out?



Mr James Priory - Headmaster, Tonbridge School

"We were delighted to be able to make three Unconditional Offers to Parkside boys this year. Like the prep school at Parkside, Tonbridge specialises in the education of boys. We are academically selective and Parkside boys are well prepared for the academic rigour here. Similarly, boys from Parkside easily transition to the depth and breadth of co-curricular pursuits at Tonbridge, including music, sport and the creative arts. The intellectual curiosity and enjoyment of these activities is nurtured at Parkside and flourishes at Tonbridge as the boys reach their teens. 35 miles along the M25, we are not that far away either! We very much look forward to developing our relationship with Parkside in the years to come"

February 2021

James Dahl - Master of Wellington College

"Wellington College has been lucky to have had a steady stream of excellent Parkside boys join us over the recent years and we would be more than delighted to see many more! There is a real passion for learning evident in the boys that we have met but this passion appears to extend beyond the classroom too and hence aligns very closely for what we look for in Wellingtonians. We also note tremendous values in the Parkside boys we have met and this explains the wonderful atmosphere evident in the school whenever we visit."

February 2021

Alex Peterken - Headmaster, Charterhouse

"In recent years, Charterhouse has benefitted greatly from its strong bond with Parkside. The boys who have joined us at 13+ from Parkside have thrown themselves whole-heartedly into the full range of activities on offer here and have, consequently, been among our most successful pupils. Academically, they have demonstrated the maturity needed to settle into new routines and to meet new expectations with ease, often achieving effort grades among the best in their year group, right from the start of their time at Charterhouse. They have even risen to the challenges of remote learning admirably: one Old Parkside Boy attended lessons conscientiously, despite having to get up at 6am each morning and log in to Zoom from Florida, and another won the Year 9 independent project prize for Informatics. On the sports pitch they have represented the school at all levels in several disciplines, including football, hockey and water polo – even playing for teams in older age groups – and individual pupils have been awarded prizes and scholarships for their achievements. They have contributed to the school creatively too, acting in productions of Shakespeare and participating in the schools clubs and societies. In short, Parkside boys tend to adapt very well to life at Charterhouse, embodying our values of kindness, perseverance, moral courage, responsibility and open-mindedness in all they do, as illustrated by their impressive tally of commendations."

February 2021

Dr JM Cox - Headmaster, Royal Grammar School, Guildford

"I am always delighted to accept young men from Parkside as members of the RGS. I have been very impressed with the academic standards which are being achieved at the School but, more importantly, boys from Parkside are delightful additions to our community.  They are invariably engaging, polite and academically curious, skills which have been established and nurtured at Parkside and which will hold them in very good stead for the future."

February 2021

Jay Piggot - Headmaster, Epsom College

"Good schools are about the creation of community and the personal growth of all, both pupils and staff, who inhabit them. Over years 7 and 8 at Parkside, the boys are offered leadership opportunities and a nurturing environment for them to mature and development both in the classroom and across the rich co-curricular programme. This approach aligns seamlessly with an education at Epsom College, and we rejoice in the opportunity to welcome Parkside boys into our community in the future."

February 2021

Rowena Cole - The Head, St John's School Leatherhead

“It is always a pleasure to meet boys from Parkside. We want the children who join St John’s to be excited about the journey ahead; we encourage our pupils to be academically aspirational, happy, confident young people who enjoy a rich array of activities, and who are kind, compassionate members of society. Every child brings their own personality and interests to our school - and we celebrate that individuality - but Parkside’s ethos of awakening curiosity, and helping pupils take responsibility for their learning, equips them well to embrace the wealth of opportunities in senior school life at St John’s.”

February 2021

James Davies - Headmaster, Halliford School

"Halliford School has enjoyed an incredibly strong relationship with Parkside School, and we warmly welcome many Parkside boys to join us into Year 9 each year. Our two schools share a set of core values that sees us completely committed to seeing each student as an individual and doing everything possible to enable them to flourish and make the most of the many opportunities we are able to offer them. The confidence and maturity they develop in Year 7 and 8 at Parkside greatly contributes to our warm-hearted community at Halliford. Parkside students thoroughly embrace our values of creativity, respect, warm-heartedness, resilience, intellectual curiosity and being exceptional team players. It is no wonder that a number of Parkside boys have been awarded scholarships to join Halliford School. They achieve tremendous academic success at both GCSE and A Level thanks to the tremendous academic grounding they receive at Parkside, and they always fully immerse themselves in our wide variety of co-curricular activities and trips. The boys transition extremely quickly into life at Halliford, and we believe they benefit from our comparable size and ethos. Parkside boys contribute enormously to our school community, and it is our pleasure to celebrate their successes as members of the Halliford family. As many Parkside boys have commented, “Halliford is just like Parkside but with bigger boys!” The Headmaster, Mr James Davies, visits Parkside regularly and supports students as they prepare for the 13+ entry process with interview sessions. He said, “It is a great privilege to be able to welcome boys from Parkside School each year and to support them to continue to develop into wonderful young gentlemen. I am constantly struck by the similarities between our two schools and the shared educational philosophy that Ms Janssen and I enjoy. I very much look forward to continuing to welcome Parkside boys to our community in the years to come and seeing them blossom into proud Hallifordians. I would be delighted to welcome you to Halliford at any time and offer you a tour of the school with a former Parkside boy, and then to discuss your son and how we could challenge and support him to become the best version of himself.”

February 2021

Mark Hoskins - Headmaster, Reed's School

"At Reed’s we continue to have a vibrant 13+ intake and our advice to parents is best summed up as follows ‘ if your son is happy and doing well at his prep school, then he should join Reed’s at 13.’ Parkside has always been one of our major feeder schools and with its excellent academic curriculum and superb co-curricular offering in years 7 and 8, Parkside boys are exceptionally well prepared for entry into Year 9 at Reed’s. We look forward to welcoming many more Parkside boys to Reed’s in the future."

February 2021

Housemaster - Bradfield College

"Parkside boys possess an excellent work ethic towards their studies and a real ‘give it a go’ attitude towards all aspects of College life. Personable, friendly and confident, they are equally happy in the company of their peers and the adults in the Boarding House. They are competitive yet empathetic in equal measure and are wonderful assets to the House and College alike."

November 2020


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