Parkside school 144

School Day

The Parkside School day is full and engaging. It allows flexibility for families who have commitments outside school hours.

Pre Prep and Prep

7.30am Breakfast Club (Servery)
8.00am Early Drop Off (Salon)
8.20am School Day Starts: Form / Class Time 
10.35am BREAK
12.00pm LUNCH (Pre Prep)
1.05pm LUNCH (Prep - 2 sittings)
3.15pm Pre Prep day ends
3.15pm Pre Prep After School Clubs 
4.00pm Prep school day ends
4.00pm Prep school After School Clubs 
4.00pm Pre Prep After-School Care
4.10pm Minibuses depart
5.00pm Prep After School Care
6.00pm School closes

Example timetables

For further advice or any questions on the daily routine, please contact the Deputy Head.


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