Our reputation for Art is very well established, with pupils producing top quality work and achieving scholarships at various senior schools. Should boys be considering a scholarship in Art, they will be expected to provide evidence of very high quality work within school;

If a boy is to be considered for an application for an Art scholarship to the senior school, he would be expected to prepare a comprehensive Art portfolio containing a variety of work produced to an extremely high standard and artist's statement. This should show evidence of inherent artistic ability, commitment, potential and a sound knowledge of media and techniques.

 Art Scholarship will involve a drawing test and interview with the Head of Art, with examples of work done by the pupil (a portfolio) to be brought in by the candidate to the interview.

Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.

Leonardo da Vinci

The Design and Technology facilities at Parkside are extensive with a well-equipped and dedicated workshop in the Barn. Boys undertake a whole range of design and make projects in this location from Year 3 upwards.  Practical projects are set to allow progression in design innovation, aesthetics and functionality; working  with a variety of materials, including woods, metals and plastics. Skills are developed through the use of diverse tools and processes to improve confidence and dexterity.  The workshop offers plastics moulding and pewter casting alongside traditional woodworking tools and machinery. Progressing upwards through the school boys are given increasing scope to design and manufacture their own designs; with the challenge of problem solving along the way. For boys in Years 7 & 8 we introduce CAD/CAM as a valuable experience linking into their senior schools. We use 2D design on computer and send the output to a Roland RotoCamm MDX40A machine enabling us to manufacture small artefacts in wood and acrylic, singly or in batches.  We have just added a 3D printer to our repertoire which gives us greater scope. There is a strong emphasis on computer-based design throughout the 6 year programme; easily achieved as the Barn workshop is adjacent to the Barn IT suite, enabling both resources to be utilised in any one project.

Some senior schools offer scholarships in DT, either as a stand alone scholarship or as part of an all round scholarship. Should boys be considering a scholarship in DT they will be expected to provide evidence of very high quality work within school; normally from one or two of the final projects – and good independent evidence of an interest in the design world around them. This will be innovative and creative work in any related field, with a folio of supporting photos and commentary.  Not all schools offer DT scholarships.

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