We aim to provide a stimulating environment to ensure that Parkside pupils thrive in their academic development throughout and beyond their school life. Whilst we prepare pupils for all academic challenges we also encourage them to be compassionate, considerate and respectful to others and their surroundings.

We seek to continually expand our pupils’ aspirations, their intellectual curiosity and we encourage their interest in new ideas. The intention of offering an enriched curriculum at Parkside is to shape self- motivated, disciplined and ambitious children.

Although strong examination results are, of course, important to us we also want pupils to leave Parkside as happy, self-confident, grounded and independent boys. If we have achieved this, then we have succeeded.

Parkside Prep  – Building on Foundation

Boys enter the Parkside Prep at the age of 7 and many will have at this stage built on the foundation received in our nursery and Pre Prep. Parkside Prep has dedicated staff on hand to prepare the pupils for the rigours of 11+ pre-tests, Common Entrance and scholarship examinations. Our ultimate aim at Parkside is to give every child a positive attitude towards learning that they can carry throughout the rest of their lives. Our strong academic, co-curricular and pastoral team ensure that each child has the opportunity to gain knowledge, confidence, self-esteem, good learning habits, and a moral compass within a busy and vibrant environment in good stead for life beyond school.