Parkside School - why boys only?

A boys' school provides a stimulating and safe environment that encourages full participation by boys in all activities. Boys in single sex schools tend to take on more musical and theatrical studies than they would in a co-educational environment. In a single sex environment boys can gain confidence in their ability to learn without being compared to girls who mature more quickly and tend to enjoy more success in school. Books and resources that excite boys can be woven into all aspects of the school's curriculum. Boys are different from girls in a myriad of subtle ways and the best teachers are the ones who acknowledge the difference. In a single-sex environment boys can grow at their own pace and can be boys for as long as they need. At Parkside we allow the boys to remain boys in an age when children can be under pressure to grow up quickly. Parkside boys are still happy to play, chase, get muddy and do the things that boys love doing.

Why should boys stay until 13 at Parkside School?

The final two years of a 13+ prep school are the culmination of a boy’s journey through the school. It is the time when he can learn the important lessons of accountability, responsibility and respect. He can discover how to lead, to organise and to nurture the younger members of the Parkside community. Boys leaving at the end of Year 8 are renowned for their confidence and maturity; they seamlessly transition into their senior schools. The boys invariably rise to the challenges of Common Entrance and Scholarship examinations and as a result they are rewarded in a way that can only boost their esteem and confidence.

Information about destination schools please see Achievements section.