At the heart of Parkside’s pastoral care is each individual’s development of self-esteem, confidence and the importance of developing a moral code towards all peers.

Every boy is respected as an individual and the school’s aim is to encourage each pupil to value the sensibilities, feelings, religious and cultural views of others. As a school, we feel it is our responsibility to encourage boys to become young men who are civilised, tolerant and compassionate and confident upon leaving Parkside to go on to their Senior schools.

Parkside School offers the boys a varied education both inside and outside the classroom not just academically. There are different aspects of school life which develop a strong sense of community at the school. Working in teams and celebrating individual, class or whole-school celebrations of success will allow boys to feel a sense of achievement either individually or in groups. Parkside arranges trips of a residential nature, which foster both self-reliance and co-operation in a team. Older pupils are encouraged to care for and look out for the younger ones which cultivates a sense of community for all pupils at the school. Values such as appreciating the world they live in and to live up to their responsibilities within it form part of the school’s guidance given to our pupils.

The Parkside Family Tree is a pastoral umbrella scheme to inform boys of who to turn to in the first instance to seek advice.

Parkside is a caring and vibrant community where all teachers and support staff care deeply about our pupils and their education.