ISI Inspection Report March 2016: Parkside School is excellent in all areas.

We are proud to share our ISI Inspection report with you and we hope you enjoy gaining an in-depth understanding of what our school is all about. 

You will be aware that a school inspection is a rigorous investigation conducted by a team of impartial, highly qualified educationalists and therefore the findings are a true reflection of the school’s attributes.  For clarity; the ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) Grade ‘Excellent’, which is what we are judged to be, is equivalent to the OFSTED Inspection Grade ‘Outstanding’.

What is so evident from our inspection is that from the time pupils enter Parkside at the age of 2 through to the time they leave to go onto senior school their achievements in all areas are excellent.  It is the breadth of those achievements though that is so crucial to a child’s future success:

a tangible love of learning’

‘able to express themselves articulately and confidently’

‘pupil’s discussions feature well-reasoned and clearly expressed logical arguments’

‘they reflect on their learning and personal achievements in a mature and sophisticated manner and demonstrate an entirely positive approach to education and self-improvement’. 

Parkside’s whole ethos is based around valuing and developing the individual child to be the best they can be academically, socially and emotionally. As our inspection report shows we are true to our ethos and our pupils are gaining the attributes that will put them in a strong position, in the future, to take their place in a rapidly evolving society and a challenging global job market.  Our partnership with parents cements this process and I have every confidence that we will maintain and enhance these very high standards long into the future.

Please see below the above mentioned report.

ISI Inspection Report - March 2016


Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report -  February 2019

Parkside School is delighted to report that it has fully ‘met’ all the conditions of the compliance-only inspection that recently took place. In February 2019 the School was inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), the Government approved inspectorate responsible for the inspection of Independent Schools Council (ISC) schools, to which we belong via our membership of the Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS).

Inspectors visited the School over two days and observed lessons, conducted interviews with pupils, and examined samples of their work. They held discussions with members of staff and governors, observed a sample of the extra-curricular activities that occurred during the inspection period, and attended assemblies. They also took into account the responses to the pre-inspection questionnaires of parents, pupils and staff and scrutinized our curriculum and other documentation. 

Ms Nicole Janssen, Head of Parkside commented, ‘We were delighted with the inspection findings, which judged us to be fully compliant in all 8 parts of the Independent School Standards comprising over 400 regulations. In addition to rigorous checks of our systems for Welfare, Health and Safety, the inspectors also assessed the quality of education and many other processes and procedures. They were pleased with what they found and recognised the tremendous work undertaken by the teachers and support staff to provide an exciting curriculum, innovative teaching and first class pastoral care. The inspectors also went out of their way to say how impressed they were with our pupils, for their honesty, openness and sense of fun – they actually spent over an hour with the boys when only 30 minutes for pupil interviews had been allotted!’

Please see below the above mentioned report.

ISI RCI Report - February 2019