Here at Parkside School, we recognise and encourage healthy eating for the children and staff. Lessons in Science, Sport and PSHEE delve into the benefits of healthy eating and discuss the potential consequences of not doing so.

More specifically, the Catering team prepare meals to cater for the wide variety of choices and tastes. Everyday there is a different menu and options within that menu, from meat dishes to vegetarian dishes to specific dietary requirements. Salads, soups and jacket potatoes are also available as an alternative or as an accompaniment. Whilst there are more indulgent puddings on offer, there is also fruit chopped up for the children everyday.

The children are allowed to bring in a small amount of 'break' each day to be consumed during the morning break. Healthy options are encouraged with only odd exceptions allowed, for instance when it is a boy's birthday; after all, everything in moderation, even moderation!

We also recognise the importance of hydration in the classrooms and on the sports' fields. The school provides fresh water fountains but we also encourage all boys to bring in their own water bottles.


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