A wide variety of school activities are on offer for Parkside children to provide further stimulation outside the School’s curriculum. These range from chess and debating to cookery and many sports. There is something for everyone.

Parkside School offers Breakfast and After School Clubs.

We are offering a Breakfast Club in the Dining Hall each morning for the boys in the Pre Prep and Prep School. It runs Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 8.20am with the latest arrival time for breakfast being 8am. The boys are supervised by members of staff. The breakfast offered each day is a healthy buffet style breakfast.

Parkside also has an After School Club for current Nursery, Pre-Prep and Prep children which is extremely valuable to parents who need to bridge the gap between school and work hours. Equally, if you have a son in the Prep school, it enables you to match pick-up times and reduce the need for school runs.

Examples of after school activity clubs for Pre-Prep and Prep: 

(subject to change by term):

- Athletics 

- Chess

- Judo

- Art

- Drama

- Tennis

- Cricket

- Cooking

- Fencing

- Football

- Golf

- Lego

- Swimming


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